Over 10 years ago I met my monster monkey.  He was like the rest of the clan. He was charming, smelled good, had teeth, handsome and money.  But how did I fall hook, line and sinker?  I bet you ask yourself that often.

Well, they start off graciously don’t they.  See we are kind, and we know they need us.  We are soul mates. Oh don’t buy it.  If he looks to good to be true. If that other woman was a drunk and was not there for him, and she was mean. Right he is a flying monkey.  Run girl run.

You know the signs.  They are not going to get better.  No matter how much he throws good at you.   What he says he means, it just slips out.  I know it is weird, and you are thinking where did that come from. Well, seriously he meant every damn word.  screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-3-31-07-pm

He is throwing you parties, inviting your family he is baiting you.  He will catch and release when the next supply comes along and OH she will.  Ask his wife, ask the ex girlfriend who he now stops back by to see because they are friends. Right, she thinks “Oh he misses me”.  Let her have the fall, GET out now.

I have went no contact moved away and thank god.  Go no contact.  If he wants you back get a big check.  Cash it, put it in the bank and if you need to leave you can.

Ya he strips you of everything you built to fit into his mold.  The Dog is gone isn’t it.  You have do things his way and if you stay you deserve it.  All my best Your Friend the Monkey Killer.